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Frequently asked questions


Who organizes the Youth Summit of the Americas?

The Youth Summit of the Americas is jointly organized by the YMCA of the United States, YMCA Canada, and YMCA of Latin America and the Caribbean.


Where is the Summit of the Americas held?

The Summit will take place in Bogotá, Colombia. 

When do I need to arrive for the event?

  • If you're part of the Youth participants group, your arrival should be on Saturday, November 4th, during the day, and your departure should be scheduled for Saturday, November 11th. (If you plan to arrive earlier or later, you have to inform the person in charge of your delegation). 


  • If you're a Senior Leader, it's recommended to arrive in Bogotá on Tuesday, November 7th, and plan your departure for Saturday, November 11th. If you plan to participate in the camp, you should notify the in charge of your delegation in advance.

What is the Participation cost? 

Youth Group: Bochica Camp and Hotel Suites Tequendama

  • US $895.00 Single room *There is a limited number of single rooms, so each case will be evaluated.

  • US $795.00 Double room

Senior leader’s group

  • US $570 Single Room at IBIS Museo Hotel.

What does the investment include?

Youth Group

  • Event Registration

  • 3 nights in shared cabinets at Bochica Camp (from Sunday, November 5th to Wednesday, November 8th).

  • 4 nights in a hotel in Bogotá according to the chosen category (from Saturday, November 4th, to Saturday, November 11th). 

  • Meals – Starting with dinner on Saturday, November 4th, and ending with breakfast on Saturday, November 11th. 

  • Round-trip airport transfers (from Friday, November 3rd, to Sunday, November 12th). 

  • Local transportation

  • All activities and materials included in the program, including cultural visits on November 8th. 

Not included:

  • Domestic or international travel, documentation (passport and visa if required), international medical insurance (mandatory), extra hotel nights before Saturday, November 4th, and after Friday, November 10th, personal expenses, and anything not mentioned above. 


Senior Leader’s Group

  • Event registration

  • 4 nights at the IBIS Museo hotel in Bogotá in a single room (Tuesday 7 to Saturday 11)

  • Meals – Starting with dinner on Tuesday the 7th and ending with breakfast on Saturday the 11th.

  • Roundtrip airport transfers (from Monday 6 to Sunday 12).

  • Local transportation.

  • All activities and materials included in the program, including cultural visits on November 8th.

Not included:

  • Domestic or international travel, documentation (passport and visa if required), international medical insurance (mandatory), extra hotel nights before Monday 6th and after Friday, November 10th, personal expenses and anything not mentioned above.


What do I need to do to register?

Who can participate in the Summit?


  • Young YMCA leaders from the Americas region

  • YMCA Senior Leaders from the Americas Region

Are certificates awarded?

Yes, a certificate of participation will be delivered

In what language will the event be conducted?

The event will be held simultaneously in English and Spanish.

What do I need to know about Colombia and Bogotá?

Colombia is located in the northwestern tip of South America and is the only country in the subcontinent with coasts on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Its land area is 1,141,748 km2 and has 928,660 km2 of maritime domains.

It shares borders with Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador and maritime boundaries with Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti.


It is an equatorial nation whose climate is determined by trade winds, humidity, and altitude above sea level: at higher altitudes, the temperature is lower.

The regime of seasons is bimodal, and in almost all the territory there are two periods of rain – from April to June and from August to November – and two of summer.


The country enjoys a constant luminosity throughout the year, with an equal number of day and night hours.

Colombia has the third-largest population in South America. More than half of the Colombian population is under 25 years of age and its workforce is one of the best qualified and competitive, with a cost ten times lower than that of developed countries.


Bogotá, the capital, and seat of government, is a modern and dynamic city that is home to around seven million inhabitants.  It is a convergence point for people from all over the country, so it is diverse and multicultural, and it combines the old and the modern.


The weather or temperature that you can find in Bogotá has a lot to do with the strategic location of the city. Having a height of 2,600 meters and being surrounded by mountains, its climate or temperature during the day is temperate with an average of 19 °C, dropping a bit at night.


For more information, visit: 


How do I get to the event?

Prior to arrival

Prior to your arrival, in case of entering Colombia by air, migration requests fill out a prior form which can be filled out at this link.



Arrival airport is El Dorado International Airport (Airport Code BOG) for international and domestic participants.

Once in Bogotá, YMCA volunteers will receive you and guide you to the venue of the event.

Do I need a VISA to enter Colombia?

Citizens of some countries are visa-free and can enter Colombia for a period of 90 days. Among them are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.


Citizens of other countries must obtain a visa prior to their arrival in Colombia. In general, requirements include a visa application, a valid passport for at least six months after the date of entry, a photograph, and evidence of financial solvency. The requirements vary depending on the nationality of the visitor.

It is important to note that regulations change periodically, so visitors must check the most recent regulations for updated information.


In case you require more information about visas for Colombia, visit the official website of the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or contact the Colombian Embassy or Consulate closest to your place of residence.


More information.

You can request more information from the in charge of each region.

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Event organized by YMCA United States, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

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