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What is Vision 2030?

It is a global strategy co-created with more than 120 national YMCA movements that allow us to work in synergy towards the same goals and priorities, in order to keep impacting our communities.
2030 Vision, has four pillars of action:

  • Community wellbeing

  • Just world

  • Meaningful work 

  • Sustainable planet

Here you can learn more about 2030 Vision 


What does the Cali YMCA do?

Their center offers a wide variety of sports and activities for all ages and skill levels. From swimming to yoga, through dance and martial arts. They have after-school programs for boys, girls, and young people who seek to improve their academic performance and personal development. They are committed to the health and well-being of their impact community campaigns to ensure that everyone has access to quality medical services promoting healthy lifestyles.

For more information visit:

Who organizes REGIONAL?
The REGIONLAC Synergies that Strengthen Us Conference is organized by the Latin American and Caribbean YMCA Regional Node in conjunction with the YMCA based in Cali Colombia.


Where is the Conference?
The conference will be held at the Hilton Garden City Hotel in the City of Cali Colombia located in the south of Cali on Carrera 100, just across the street from the Universidad del Valle. The city center can be reached in about 30 minutes and it is 45 minutes from the Cristo Rey mountain. The hotel is conveniently located near the South Business Complex and several shopping malls.
More hotel information: 

When do I have to arrive at the event?
We suggest booking your flight or transportation to arrive on Tuesday, May 23 so that you can join us for the welcome dinner scheduled that same day at the Hilton Ciudad Jardín hotel.


How much is the fee?
The registration fee is $1,250.00 USD per person in a single room and $900.00 USD in a double room from Tuesday 23 to Saturday 27 of May, paying no later than Friday, April 7.
From April 8 to April 27, the registration fee will be $1,350.00 USD in a single room and $1,000.00 USD for a double room.

What does the fee include?

  • Event materials and activities

  • Transportation to visit social programs

  • Round-trip transportation from the airport to the hotel, on May 23 and 27.

  • Food from dinner on Tuesday the 23rd to breakfast on Saturday the 27th of May.

What do I need to do to register?
Fill out the form [HERE] and make the payment [HERE]

Who can participate in REGIONLAC?
Professionals, volunteers, youth and YMCA people who are interested in living a unique experience in Cali.


Are certificates awarded?
Once REGIONALC is finished, we may extend a certificate of participation by requesting it directly with the Regional Node team.

In what language will the event be held?
REGIONLAC will be in Spanish and there will be interpretation in English in some spaces.

When will the activities program be available?
Visit the program site for updates. 

What should I know about Colombia and Cali?

From its shores on two oceans to its snowy mountains, Colombia is characterized by its friendly and welcoming people, rich culture, and world-famous music, food, and dance that will make you feel at home. Additionally, Colombia is home to many world-class Latino artists and its economy is constantly growing!

For more information on Colombia visit:

In the middle of the Andean region of Colombia, there is a vibrant and diverse city that awaits your visit. With more than 2 million inhabitants, Cali is the third largest city in the country after Bogotá and Medellín, which means there is a lot to discover
For more information visit:
The official currency of Colombia is the Colombian peso (COP). We recommend you carry Colombian pesos in cash, although it is also possible to use credit and debit cards in many establishments.

The official language of Colombia is Spanish, although many Cali residents also speak English, especially in hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

How do I get to the event?


Air Transport
Cali International Airport, Alfonso Bonilla Aragón (CLO), is the city's main airport and is located just 14 kilometers from Cali’s downtown. It is the fourth busiest airport in Colombia, after those of Bogotá and Medellín, and in 2019, it registered traffic of more than 5 million passengers. This demonstrates its ability to handle a high volume of air traffic.

Cali Airport has two passenger terminals, the National and the International, which are integrated into the same complex Both terminals offer a wide variety of services, from shops and restaurants to banking and currency exchange services. In addition, the airport offers ground transportation services, including taxis and bus services that connect the airport with the city center and other nearby destinations.

International travelers arriving at Cali Airport must have a valid passport and visa (if required) to enter Colombia, as well as proof of full vaccination against Covid-19. For more information on travel requirements, Visit the official website of the airport or the website of the Colombian embassy in the traveler's country of origin.

The official website of Cali Airport is *

* Make sure to communicate with the organizers the flight number and airline in which you will arrive with anticipation in order to pick you up.

Land transportation

If you are thinking of attending an event in Cali, arriving by land is an excellent option. You can take an inter-municipal bus from nearby cities such as Medellín, Pereira, Armenia, Popayán, or Bogotá, which is located at a distance of 460 kilometers. You can also take a private transport service or take a taxi for more comfort.

Local rransportation in Cali

If you prefer to drive, you can rent a car, but keep in mind that the roads can be difficult in some areas of Colombia. Once in Cali, you can use the Integrated Transportation System known as the MIO, which has eight routes that cover most of the city. You can also use the taxi service, it is best to call recognized companies or use their mobile applications.

Do I need a VISA to enter Colombia?
Citizens of some countries are visa-free and can enter Colombia for a period of 90 days. Among them are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Citizens of other countries must obtain a visa prior to their arrival in Colombia. In general, requirements include a visa application, a valid passport for at least six months after the date of entry, a photograph, and evidence of financial solvency. The requirements vary depending on the nationality of the visitor.

It is important to note that regulations change periodically, so visitors must check the most recent regulations for updated information.

In case you need more information about visas for Colombia, visit the official website of the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or contact the Colombian Embassy or Consulate closest to your place of residence.

Any other questions?
Contact us at 

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