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Available until April 21st


YMCA Latin America and the Caribbean will award a limited number of subsidies.

YMCA LAC has established an economic subsidy to collaborate with the participation of National Movements in REGIONLAC. The fund seeks to guarantee that most of the YMCA LAC movements have the opportunity to participate and contribute to the coordination of the regional agenda and work.

Subsidies will be awarded under the following criteria:

  • The National Movement must complete and send the subsidy application form duly filled out and signed by the National Secretary General and attach the beneficiary's CV before April 1.

  • The Movement should articulate how their Movement would benefit from their delegate's participation in the event.

  • The Movement defines how they will benefit from the delegate’s participation in the event.

  • The National Movement must be up to date with the payment of its membership fee (fair share) corresponding to the year 2022 at the time of submitting the application.

  • The subsidy will be granted to cover the registration fees for the conference with a double room during the dates of the event. In special cases, it will be supported by airfare.

  • The Movements should participate actively in developing and implementing the regional strategic plan.

    • Only one delegate per country will receive a subsidy. If there are additional subsidies, the Movements may receive a higher amount or an additional subsidy up to a corresponding maximum for two delegates

    • Priority will be given to the participation of the following delegates:

    • Young people under 30 years of age who have preferably participated in regional or international programs such as YGOR, YMCA

    • Líderes, Agentes de Cambio, among others.

    • Youth leaders or adult women.

    • Members of regional networks, commissions, or people with high participation in regional initiatives.

    • National Movements experiencing financial difficulties.

  • The Regional Node team will evaluate all the applications received and assign the subsidies according to the established criteria, the available subsidies and the number of applications received. The final decision will be communicated to the National Movements that have requested a subsidy, on April 17. The final list of National Movements funded and the amount awarded will be presented to the Executive Committee and will be available for consultation by National Movements upon written request. Any exception to the established criteria will be justified before the Executive Committee.


Event empowered by the Regional Node

We are a human team that inspires, facilitates, and connects the 24 YMCAs in Latin America and the Caribbean, to increase our relevance, social impact, and sustainability.

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