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Together for the 21st century youth



9:00 - 11:00 am




Young people are the center of YMCA work, this is why we invite you to join an inspiring, dynamic, and collaborative experience, where you will learn about the importance of incorporating and evaluating the socioemotional learning of the 21st-century young people in your programs.

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We believe that the 21st-century young people are the people who will face the present and future challenges of this century, and who, with their actions, will write the future of the next generations.


The young people of the 21st century face diverse challenges that demand new approaches in their preparation and empowerment.


A young person of the 21st century must be someone who is equipped with the tools to face and navigate the challenges that their context demands on the path to adulthood.

What are socioemotional skills?


They are the skills that allow us to understand and regulate our emotions, feel and show empathy for others, establish and develop positive relationships, make responsible decisions and define and achieve goals.

Some examples are teamwork, communication, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, tolerance, empathy, and sense of belonging.

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This opportunity is for you if…

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You are in charge of developing training programs for young people in your community.

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You are passionate about training and the continuous improvement of social programs. 

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You carry out funding search processes for youth projects.

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You are interested in learning more about Socioemotional Skills and their benefits.

We are going to experience a space where you will...


Learn how and why to incorporate evaluation tools for Socioemotional Skills in social programs.

Identify the importance and value of measuring the impact of Socioemotional Skills in financing processes.

How to begin to identify and incorporate a conceptual framework based on Socioemotional Skills in the structure and development of social programs.

Observe a comprehensive panorama between regional efforts and their relationship with initiatives at the global level.

We thought of a special experience for you


with a panel of experts

who will share the importance, need, and benefits of taking into account the development of socioemotional skills in the structure of social programs and interventions with youth.


innovative workshops

on how to incorporate the measurement and promotion of socio-emotional skills in your work.


Workshop 1:

Enhancing the impact of programs and services.


Workshop 2:

Impact measurement and its relationship with fundraising.

with other people 

who, like you, are passionate about developing youth skills.

We will learn from the best leaders...

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Diego Catalán Molina
Research Director
Hello Insight
Keynote Speaker
Diana Beltrán Acosta
Youth and peace Department Director 
YMCA Bogota 
Cinthia Saavedra_edited.jpg
Cinthia Saavedra Castillo
Projects Coordinator
  YMCA Peru
Denisse Martínez
Innovation Coordinator
SIP School Network
Angela Cifuentes_edited.jpg
Ángela Cifuentes 
Project Leader
All brothers in Christ Organization
foto b&N.jpeg
Angélica Becerra Rojas 
Hello Insight

Do you want to participate ?


We reaffirm our commitment


YMCA LAC (YMCA Latin America and the Caribbean) contribute to creating opportunities for young people such as education and safe spaces where they can develop socioemotional skills and improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, while they develop their leadership inside of a peaceful community where they can empathize and sensitize with other young people regardless of their differences. 


Learn more here

Our work in measuring socioemotional

skills in young people

Thanks to the collaboration initiated in 2020 with the Templeton World Charity Foundation, Inc, in 2021 the adaptation and validation of a tool to measure the Development of Socioemotional Skills of children and youth who participate in YMCA programs became possible.  This work was carried out in various interventions in the cities of Bogotá and Cali (Colombia), Lima, Arequipa, and Trujillo (Peru); reaching 1,235 young people in 16 social programs.

This became a reality thanks to the articulation and financing obtained by the Regional Node, the knowledge and experience of our partner Hello Insight; and the social commitment of the participating YMCAs. This work provides an inspiring route to measure the impact of our interventions, improve our programs and enhance the effect of the YMCA's actions in transforming the lives of children and young people in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Event empowered by the Regional Node.
We are an inspiring human team that mobilizes, articulates, and connects the 24 Latin American and the Caribbean YMCAs,  to maximize our relevance, social impact, and sustainability.


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