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Learn more about how to support a young person's participation in our informative talk on April 18.

Today, more than 100 young people in Latin America and the Caribbean are certified by the program with the skills to have an impact on their environment.

Youth in Governance Roles (YGOR) is a regional training program developed and implemented by the Regional Node focused on the education, training, promotion and development of the youth of the YMCA LAC member movements, providing the theoretical and practical tools necessary to influence the construction of more righteous, equitable and sustainable societies.

June 2023 - May 2024       12 months      On line and on-site

This opportunity is for you if…

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You are a young volunteer or professional person belonging to a YMCA LAC movement.

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You are between 18 and 30 years old.

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You have a minimum of two years of outstanding trajectory within the YMCA.

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You have at least a high school education (or in progress, each case can be reviewed).

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You are committed to the mission, values and cause of the YMCA.

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You are interested in participating in decision-making processes and playing leadership roles within or outside your YMCA.

Note: The Regional Node will perform a filtering process to validate the program requirements.


I am a young person,

so why participate?

  • You will develop the necessary skills to have an impact on your YMCA and communities. 

  • You will learn about planning and management of social projects.

  • You will learn about different global realities.

  • You will be part of a regional program where you will learn about other experiences and contexts.

  • Get certified in 21st century skills.

I am a YMCA, why support participation?

  • You will be recognized internationally for promoting participation in the only YMCA youth governance training program. 

  • You will contribute to youth training by following up on governance standards assessments.

  • You will be part of an evaluation process that will help you receive recommendations for improvement in governance.

  • You will contribute to the training of young people for the future generational handovers.

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Learn more about how to support a young person's participation in our informative talk on April 18.

The topics you will see

  • Realities and contexts in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Strategic planning and Vision 2030

  • Project management. 

  • Inclusion and social commitment. 

  • Governance. 

  • Communications and YMCA Leadership

  • Fundraising and Finance.

Our components




June 2023 - December 2023

(7 months)


You will participate in asynchronous sessions where you will receive information and feedback from different teachers.

On site


From November 4 to 11


30 participants will be selected to attend the Youth Summit of the Americas "The Power of Connected Voices" in Bogota, Colombia.

Theory- Practice


January - february 2024

(2 months)


You will gain first-hand knowledge of governance processes through simulations and active participation in board meetings and general assemblies.



February - may 2024

(4 months)


You will be able to practice what you have learned with an evaluation process to the Governance of your movement.

Note: On this occasion, our YGOR program will not be linked with Global Alliance Agents of Change.


Registration deadline:

May 31st


Date of results:

June 9th


This is how you can register for the call process

  1. All applicants must have the endorsement of the General Secretariat of their YMCA movement in a written form.

  2. Accept the commitments and responsibilities by signing the Pedagogical Contract.

  3. Fill out the form available online by clicking on the following link: YGOR Registration Form.

  4. Send a resume and letter of endorsement of participation signed by the National General Secretary to

  5. Wait for the results, the Regional Node team will be in charge of making an evaluation to give a final list of participants.


Frequently asked questions


If I am not part of a YMCA movement, can I participate?

For now it is mandatory to be part of a YMCA movement or have the endorsement of one, so if you are not part of any of them you will not be able to participate in the YGOR program, although there are many other alternatives to join us.


What is the pedagogic contract?
The pedagogical contract is a document that formalizes the commitments and responsibilities of the participants, the YMCA movements that nominate participants and the program coordination team. To achieve the expected results in the 2023-2024 edition. This document is the action guide, review and evaluation of the program.


Is there any cost?

The program is free of charge, however, depending on the opportunity to participate in the on-site component, you will have to take into account the traveling expenses, lodging, food and international medical insurance coverage for the days of the event. For the participation in the Americas Summit , we are exploring the possibility of having support to cover these expenses, so we invite you to give your best effort during the program to be able to access these benefits.


What if I am unable to travel to take the classroom component?

The face-to-face component is mandatory and is part of the commitments acquired in the program by both the young person and his/her applicant movement.


At the end of the course, do I receive an academic or professional certification or diploma?

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of participation and satisfactory completion of the program endorsed by the Latin American and Caribbean Alliance of YMCAs. This certificate will be awarded to you as long as you have successfully participated in all four components.


Is it necessary to have knowledge of the English language?

It is not a prerequisite to speak English, however, we recommend some basic knowledge in case of participating in international events.


How long does the program last?

The length varies from one edition to another, however, on average the program with its four components lasts about 12 months.


How much time should I invest per month to cover the 4 components of the program?

On average you will need to invest 4 to 6 hours per week to participate in all the activities of the program. 


Do I need to have a minimum academic degree to participate?

You must have at least a high school degree, however, this is not a mandatory requirement and can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  


Is it necessary to have previous knowledge or studies in governance or International Relations?

It will not be necessary to have this knowledge, the most important thing will be that you demonstrate a real interest in participating in decision-making processes and playing leadership roles either inside or outside the YMCA.


Program led by the Regional Node
We are a team that inspires, facilitates and connects the 24 YMCAs in Latin America and the Caribbean to increase our relevance, social impact and sustainability.

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