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It is a gathering of young individuals, professionals, volunteers, and senior leaders from YMCA in Canada, United States. Latin America, and the Caribbean. 

The objective is to connect people´s voice through an international, multicultural, collaborative, intergenerational, and innovative experience for the creation and development of local solutions with a global impact, focusing on VISION 2030.

Del 11 al 14 de septiembre. 8:45 a 14:00hrs (Bogotá / Lima) 


Vision 2030

The creation of Vision 2030 begins with three years of  exploring youth to understand their needs, as well as validations with YMCAs around the world. From there, a global vision, mission and four priority pillars are developed.  

Four pillars: 

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Sustainable planet

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Community wellbeing

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November 4th to 10th, Bogota Colombia



I am a Senior Leader: 

  • Collaborate and contribute to solutions.

  • Understand how to amplify the voices of youth.

  • Comprehend the perspective of the youth on global issues.

  • Strengthen and expand your partnerships, collaborations, and networks.

  • Promote intergenerational cooperation and youth-led actions.

I am a young leader: 

  • Experience the great offerings of Colombia, Bogota and its YMCA.

  • Connect with young individuals and expand your network. 

  • Empower yourself and get motivated to create solutions for social transformation.

  • Learn from Senior Leaders whose experience will enhance your solutions.


Meet our speakers

Day to day 

The times shown are in time (UTC-5)

You can validate the time of your city in this link MY LOCAL TIME

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Senior Leader

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Young Leader

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Youth Group

Bochica Camp and Hotel Suites Tequendama

  • US $895.00 Single room *There is a limited number of single rooms, so each case will be evaluated.

  • US $795.00 Double room

Senior leader’s group

  • US $570 Single Room at IBIS Museo hotel.

​Some scholarships are available. Contact your YMCA movement to know more about it.


Step-by-Step Guide to Participate: 

  1. Ensure you meet the requirements for your region.

  2. Contact your local YMCA to confirm your eligibility to participate. 

  3. Get ready to experience the best co-creation journey.

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Youth Group

  1. YMCA Bochica Camp, Cundinamarca, Colombia: from November 5th to 7th, young individuals will have the opportunity to engage in co-creation spaces and workshops focused on Vision 2030, holistic wellbeing, among others. 

  2. YMCA Bogota, Colombia: On November 8th, 9th, and 10th, young individuals will have the opportunity to visit iconic places in Bogota, get acquainted with YMCA Bogota's programs, continue with co-creation spaces, and finally receive feedback from senior leaders and allies. 

    1. Accommodation at Hotel Suites Tequendama


Senior Leader´s Group

  1. YMCA Bogota, Colombia: From November 7th to 10th, senior individuals will have the opportunity to visit iconic places in Bogota, get acquainted with YMCA Bogota´s programmes, continue with Co-creation spaces, and provide feedback to the youth. 

  2. Accommodation at “Hotel Ibis Museo”

Previous versions

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Youth Summit of the Americas  2016

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Youth Summit of the Americas  2017

Frequently asked questions

Event organized by YMCA United States, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

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